Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial

4 – 12 September 2021

TERMINOLOGY CHANGE series of new works by Kathryn Wardill

Day 1 of 9 – “Hotspot” Brooch – lampworked glass, silver, 2021

Everything has changed, the chaos of the world has profoundly changed my art practice and life over the past 19 months. Forced upheaval and relocation has informed this series of jewellery objects.

This current adversity has required a creative audit of my practice, under difficult circumstances, I still strive to continue my research journey of creating unique combinations of two materials, glass and silver, in ways never anticipated.

Maybe the jewellery objects I am creating, will connect with others at a time of extreme disconnection, bringing others together, become that little bit closer, investigate the details. Current limitations have stimulated my growth, taking control of what I can (which is not much) and become resourceful while depleted of most of my previous practice freedoms.

Glass is a fragile material; it is challenging to incorporate it into durable wearable jewellery objects. Recently, forced to question everything, I have stopped being concerned with durability and have embraced glass’s fragility reflecting the current global circumstances, the whole world seems fragile. My experience of isolation and limited opportunities has solidified and redefined my creative commitment and purpose as a maker, adversity driving growth.

This series of works, responds to our new shared pandemic terminology which has re-purposed terms like #cluster and #hotspot to communicate and mean much more than they ever have before. #staysafe

Each day during (4-12) I will be adding new works, I hope you enjoy the biennial digitally, while Melbourne is in lockdown #6.

#hotspot #cluster #connect-dis-connect #hanginthere #expectedtobreak #open/close #bordersclosed #chainofinfection #exposuresite #indexcase #recurrent-lockdowns #essential-non-essential