Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial
14 — 22 September 2024

I am pleased to be able to share that I am going to be included in this Biennial.

Made to Break

A series of wearable jewellery objects, handmade from glass and silver expand my 30-year research investigation into unique ways to combine two materials. The objects created in concept and design explore breaking, from a number of perspectives, including physically and conceptually.

Glass, a material is known for breaking, this inherent concept forms the basis for this series of handmade jewellery objects which are made to be worn and made to break. The work will be created, documented, worn, and documented each day of 2024 Radiant Pavilion and shared via the artist’s self-published website.

The works exploit the physical properties of glass as an expressive medium, pulled into delicate threads, manipulated to create extreme fragility, a metaphor for moments in life.

Forgoing the traditional gallery setting, the pieces will be made, documented, shared online, worn, and again documented several times to provide viewers with updates on how the pieces have been ‘worn’ and changed. Being broken, as a jewellery piece will see the designs evolve, where only the strongest elements will remain.