15-23 January 2023

Visual Arts workshops at University of Southern Queensland

Brochure for McGregor-Summer-2023

Minature Marvels – lampworked glass workshop with Kathryn Wardill

Adventure into the world of HOT GLASS! Create one-off glass beads, miniature artworks that others will marvel at. Teaching the basics of glass bead making, the tutor thoroughly explains all aspects of the process, no experience is necessary other than to work with your hands on a small scale. Students need good eyesight and the steady use of both hands. Safety, understanding equipment, glass and mandrel preparation all lead to making your own beads. As the workshop progresses, more elaborate techniques will be introduced such as shaping beads, using stringers, and decorative techniques, tips, tricks and troubleshooting. Scheduled class times are highly structured with a balance between demonstrations and students practising techniques. Upon completion, students have the knowledge to continue to practice their glass bead-making skills in their own studios.